Medvedev Artem Vladimirovich  -  researcher, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "All-Russian Research Institute of Irrigated Agriculture", 400002, Volgograd, 9 Timiryazev St.,

Medvedeva Lyudmila Nikolaevna  -  Doctor of Economics, lead researcher, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "All-Russian Research Institute of Irrigated Agriculture", 400002 Volgograd, 9 Timiryazev St.,

The article analyzes development of land reclamation in Russia, provides data on provision of farmers with irrigation equipment, determines tasks for further development of Russian machine engineering in land reclamation. The Article shows the main suppliers of irrigation equipment to Russia, including companies that supply wide-cut machinery, namely Reined, Valley, Zimmatic, T-L Irrigation, Pierce Corporation (the USA); HT-BAUER (Austria); 2IE, Irrifrance (France); RKD, Chamsa (Spain); Irriland (Italy); Fregat (Ukraine); West (the UAE); and drum-type machines – Pioggia Carnevali, Оcmis, Marani, Irriland, Ferbo, RM-PM, Nettuno, Idrofiglia (Italy); Bauer (Austria); Benelich, Agro-D (Germany). It is noted that foreign manufacturers offer 3rd-generation sprinklers with electronic control systems and that the extent of localization of foreign manufacturers' irrigation equipment in Russia is equal to zero. The Article provides data on Russian manufacturers of irrigation equipment, suggests ways to implement the import substitution program in production of irrigation equipment, as well as provides data on the drum irrigation machine "AGROMASH – Niagara 500/110", manufactured by "Volgogradskaya mashinostroitelnaya kompaniya VgTZ" LLC, the wide-cut sprinkler "Don-K" developed at the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Russian Research Institute of Problems of Land Reclamation". It is proved that implementation of the The Federal Targeted Programme "Developing Agricultural Land Reclamation in 2014-2020" and sustainable development of agriculture is possible only on the basis of agricultural machine engineering advancement in irrigation machinery production.

Key words: land reclamation, state regulation of irrigated land development, sprinklers, import substitution in gricultural machine engineering, foreign manufacturers of irrigation equipment, sprinkler systems "Kazanka", "AGROMASH – Niagara 500/110", sprinkler system "Fregate", sprinkler system «Don-K»