Zvolinsky Vladimir Vyacheslavovich  -  postgraduate student, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Volgograd State Agrarian University", Russia. 400002, Volgograd, ave. University, 26,

Red varieties of onion are among the richest sources of dietary flavonols derived from querticins. This study presents material on the agrotechnological assessment of red onion samples. Field experiments were carried out on typical light chestnut soils of the right-bank part of the Lower Volga in the zone of sharply continental climate with drip irrigation. We studied 9 samples of onion with red color of integumentary scales Red Bull F1, Red Baron F1, Red Ram F1, Robin F1, NUN 9003 F1 (Merenge), Countach F1, NUN 9005 F1, Retano F1, Monastrell F1. The samples were studied according to the characteristics: characteristics of the color of the bulbs, according to the morphometric parameters of the bulb, according to the yield and maturity. The most productive (149 t/ha) and consumer attractive having a dark red color of the outer scales and red color of the juicy scales was the sample Countach F1.

Key words: Querticin-containing onion varieties, onion morphometric parameters, onion yield.