Rozhkova Irina S.  -  Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Astrakhan State Medical University, Astrakhan, Russia, 414000, Astrakhan, Bakinskaya Str., 121,

The ontogenetic features of ultradian rhythms of total protein and albumin content in male rats of different age groups in the spleen tissue were studied. The rhythmic activity of total protein and albumin content in rat spleen tissues in the ontogenetic aspect under normal environmental conditions was revealed. A comparative analysis of the ultradian rhythms of the total protein and albumin content was performed in the modeling of chronic toxic stress, and the intensity of the revealed rhythms was recorded against the background of the administration of a complex of antioxidants under intoxication conditions. When exposed to a toxin (hydrogen sulfide-containing gas), and against the background of the introduction of thymalin and vitamin E. During the registration of experimental data, the results obtained during the study of fluctuations in the levels of albumin and total protein were characterized by us as ultradian with periods from 20 and 40-60 minutes. The data obtained during the experiment indicate that with age, the resistance of the spleen tissue to the action of an exotoxicant of industrial origin decreases and that involution processes in the spleen tissue increase under stress. The registered changes in the experiment are reversible, since the combined administration of thymalin and alpha-tocopherol acetate modifies the rhythmic curve, which is accompanied by an increase in the amplitude of oscillations in all age groups, as well as an increase in the levels of the average content of total protein and albumin. The results indicate that the joint administration of the drugs used in the experiment (thymalin andalpha -tocopherol acetate) in all age groups against the background of chronic toxic stress revealed their antioxidant effect, which is important for developing methods to control the negative consequences of chronic intoxication with sulfur-containing products.

Key words: ultradian rhythms, spleen, rats, chronic intoxication, stress