Bazhanova Elena Davydovna  -  Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Morphology and Electron Microscopy; Leading Researcher, Scientific and Clinical Center of Toxicology named after academician S.N. Golikov of Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia; Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry named by I.M. Sechenov of Russian Academy of Sciences, 192019, St. Petersburg, st. Bekhterev, 1; 194223, St. Petersburg, Toreza Ave., 44,

Zabrodskaya Yulia Mikhailovna  -  MD, DSc, Head of the Research Laboratory of Pathomorphology of the Nervous System, Russian Research Neurosurgical Institute named after prof. A.L. Polenov - a branch of the branch of the medical research center named after V.A. Almazov of Ministry of Health of Russia, 191014, St. Petersburg, st. Mayakovsky, 12,

Litovchenko Anastasia V.  -  Researcher, Laboratory of Morphology and Electron Microscopy, Scientific Clinical Center of Toxicology named after Academician S. N. Golikov of Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, 1 Bekhtereva St., St. Petersburg, 192019, Russian Federation,

Yakovleva Irina I.  -  student, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University Peter the Great, Higher School of Biotechnology and Food Technologies, 195251, St. Petersburg, 29 Polytekhnicheskaya St.,

This article presents the results of a study of the role of cytokine-dependent signaling pathways in the drug-resistant epilepsy pathogenesis. The aim of the work was to identify markers of neuroinflammation and apoptosis in the cortex and white matter of the temporal lobe of the brain, as well as to determine a possible target for modulation of the activity of pro-inflammatory and proapoptotic molecular systems in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. The obtained results indicate that the tumor suppressor p53 level and transcription factor STAT1 was increased in the test material compared with the control group. The content of Fas and NF-kB proteins was also higher in brain samples from patients with drug-resistant epilepsy, which confirms the presence of an inflammatory process in the nervous tissue.

Key words: drug-resistant epilepsy, cytokines, TNF-α, Fas, STAT1, p53, NF-Kb